A Few of My Favorite Essential Oils

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I discovered my love for essential oils completely by accident a few years ago.  It was November and I was looking for what homemade gift I could make for family members and close friends that year.  I came across a “recipe” for a healing salve.  I thought that sounded like something really cool, so I kept reading.  This salve was good for helping heal cuts and dry skin., so the article said.  The next day I went and bought the ingredients it listed and some supplies.  We had recently started raising emus and had learned about the healing characteristics of emu oil, so I decided to add some emu oil to the recipe.  A few nights later, I had my first batch in glass jars.  I was using it on my chapped lips and loved it.  I was so excited about my creation, I carried it to the gym to show my friends.  They loved it and asked how much it was.  I sold every jar I had made.  I had to make more.  I went online and started researching more essential oils to find out what they were good for.  This time I tweaked my recipe.  I added a few other essential oils, changed some of the other oils, and added vitamin E oil for a natural preservative.  One of the essential oils I added was vanilla to give it a more pleasing scent.  When my family and I started using this new blend, I started discovering other great uses for this salve.  It was extremely moisturizing, it worked great on my face (without causing break outs), it helped prevent infections in cuts, helped ease soreness in cuts, helped them heal faster, it worked better than cortisone cream on mosquito bites and other bug bites, helped soothe stings and burns, and moisturized dry, itchy skin.  Now all of these things are my (and others) opinions, and none of this has been evaluated by the FDA or any medical professional.  I do not make any claims that this product can cure, heal or diagnose any illness or disease.

That is what sparked my interest in essential oils.  After making and using the salve, I was convinced their was something to these oils.  I have continued to study and research what oils work for different things.  That salve is my Essential Skin Salve.  I sell it along with several other products, including many essential oils in my store.  I want to share a few of my favorite oils.  One of them is Orange. Orange oil is good for colds, gums, digestive issues, and other things as well as being one of my favorite scents!  It is an uplifting scent and mixes well with Peppermint or vanilla.  Another favorite is Tea Tree with its anti-inflammatory properties as well as antibiotic properties.  It is used to treat some infections and kills some types of bacteria to help prevent infections.  Lemon is on the list also.  it is a great, clean smelling scent that will lift your spirit and reduce stress, as well as being a detoxifying astringent, good for the immune system, skin, hair and much more.  Eucalyptus is another favorite.  It is used to help reduce fever, as an antiseptic, and to repel mosquitos, along with many more uses.  Lavender is useful for helping you sleep, it is calming, helps stop itches from bug bites and eczema, along with many more uses.  My most favorite oil is Peppermint!  It will open up your sinuses, help reduce a cough, it has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with aches and pains, including headaches and sore muscles.  Find these and many more uses for essential oils in Aromatherapy for Natural Living: The A-Z Reference of Essential Oils Remedies for Health, Beauty and Home.  Also, you can purchase a Set of all 6 of my favorite essential oils here!

The set is a great way to get started without spending a lot of money.  In the next few days I will share some of my favorite recipes!

Have a great weekend!

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