I am a child of the One True King, a farmer’s wife, and a mother of 3.  I love God, my family, animals, sports, cooking and all things creative!  We have a farm in North Carolina where we raise emus… a lot of them!!  We also have a few dogs, several cats, a rabbit and fish.  Hopefully soon I will have more rabbits (Lionheads) as well as chickens, goats and donkeys.  All of our kids play soccer so that consumes our weekends.  The oldest, who is in college, plays on his college Paintball Team.  I hope to have a space in our building converted into my craft studio soon.  I love to paint, draw, make jewelry and t-shirts, as well as write.  I also love to cook when I have the time.  When I’m not busy with all of these things, I also have a full time job.

I will share some of my parenting adventures, favorite recipes and crafts, encouragement, and farm life stories here with you as well as share my passion for teaching teens abstinence and avoiding drugs and alcohol!  I hope you enjoy!

~ Blessings ~ JaAnna


Past Blog posts:  http://myglitterandgrace.blogspot.com/


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