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    Here is another First Light devotion that really struck me this morning! We need to take risks to walk with Jesus and do more than just get by… really stretch… Read More

  • Emotions Are A Gift From God!

    When I was younger, I was so unemotional that people thought I wasn’t ever excited or upset.  I just didn’t get emotional, didn’t show excitement or discouragement.  I seldom cried…… Read More

  • “Waiting To Be Acknowledged”

    I hate using someone else’s work two days in a row, but when God speaks… Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;… Read More

  • “First Love” (Devotional by Brian Biggers)

    Below is today’s devotional from our pastor.  It really struck me and I felt the need to share.  Have a blessed day! “FIRST LOVE” “You have left your first love.”… Read More

  • Seasons of Life

    As I get older, I really enjoy spring and summer more.  Maybe because the flowers and the lake remind me of growing up.  It really doesn’t seem that long ago… Read More

  • Tomorrow, I turn 50...

    Today I’ve been listening to 80’s music and dancing around the office and house. Reliving my youth, maybe. Or just enjoying the music i have always loved to dance to.… Read More

  • A Thrill of Hope

    “The thrill of Hope, A weary world rejoices”.  Have you ever stopped to really think about those words?  “A thrill of hope”.  Remember when you were a kid and you… Read More

  • Achieving Success

    Don’t be discouraged!  You can achieve your dreams and make a difference in the world around you!  You can spread Joy to others while working to achieve your goals!  If… Read More

  • Surviving Your Kids Growing Up

    In response to many comments and questions from my last post… How do you handle it when your kids reach certain milestones?  Such as starting school, driving, dating, first jobs,… Read More

  • Preparing Myself For My Kids Adulthood

      My oldest daughter was literally attached to me for years.  She was great… quiet as a mouse… perfectly happy… as long as I was around.  When I left, she… Read More



I am a child of God, a farmer's wife and mama to 4! We raise emu's on my family farm in North Carolina. I love to talk about my faith, our farm, getting away from our farm occasionally, share recipes, make crafts and watch all of my kids sports! But what I truly love is to encourage others around me to reach their dreams and live a joyful, fulfilled life in Christ and to motivate them to want to spread that same love and encouragement to others!

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