Emotions Are A Gift From God!

When I was younger, I was so unemotional that people thought I wasn’t ever excited or upset.  I just didn’t get emotional, didn’t show excitement or discouragement.  I seldom cried… over anything.  I prided myself in being so in control of my emotions.  This also meant I didn’t have the typical teenage girl mood swings (which was a really good thing)!  But after I had kids, something changed.  (Besides my hormones)  God changed my heart.  I was suddenly very compassionate toward others.  I cried at other people’s tragedies (whether I knew them or not), I cried at movies, I cried at the news, I cried with friends; but I also felt overwhelming joy when good things happened to my friends, co-workers or just some random person.  God stretched my emotions further than I ever realized they could go.  Not out-of-control emotions like fits of rage, but emotions that God controls… not me.  Yesterday we had 37 people baptized at church… I cried tears of joy for every one of them!  I find tears flowing often in church during worship.  It is something that is just so joyful to me now.  I can’t control the tears.  At first, I tried to hide it because I didn’t want people saying “why are you crying?”.  But now I don’t even care.  I love to tell them why… because I am so overjoyed watching people come to Christ, or just at the thought of what God gave for us… He loves us sooooo much!  It is overwhelming to think about!  But it  makes me want to sing and praise Him; it makes me want to cheer everyone on!  My mission in life is to encourage others.  I also love to be around people who share this enthusiasm and can encourage me!  I am drawn to those people.  The ones who always cheer you on and encourage you instead of pointing out your flaws and mistakes.  I find that encouragement is a much better motivator than being yelled at or discouraged.

How do you handle emotional outbursts from others?  Do you work harder or shut down?  Do you thrive on encouragement or or does criticism make you work harder?  Do you let your emotions show, do you shut down, or are your emotions out of control? (If you lose your temper, have road rage, yell at people who don’t do as you expect or throw things, then your emotions are out of control)  How do those people respond to you?  Do you see improved performance?  If not, maybe try a different approach.  Maybe try encouragement!

I used to view it as a weakness to be emotional, but now i see it is actually a gift.  I feel deep sorrow with others and I am lifted with Joy when they are.  I want to use this gift to help and encourage as many people as I possibly can, showing them God’s grace and glory!

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

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I am a child of God, a farmer's wife and mama to 4! We raise emu's on my family farm in North Carolina. I love to talk about my faith, our farm, getting away from our farm occasionally, share recipes, make crafts and watch all of my kids sports! But what I truly love is to encourage others around me to reach their dreams and live a joyful, fulfilled life in Christ and to motivate them to want to spread that same love and encouragement to others!

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