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I’ve noticed that most of the mom bloggers I see are young moms.  Let me just say up front… I am not.  Many of my stories will be from the past, pulled out of the archives of my memory.  It’s fun to remember when my older two were young.  They are now 17 and 20.  And, yes, they still produce good story-worthy experiences quite often.  So does my 9 year old.  Yep… surprise!  We started over again!  She is a little spit-fire too who often provides me with great material.  So far today, she has called me twice from school wanting to leave early because her stomach hurts.  I asked her if she felt like she was going to be sick; she said no.  I asked her if she had a fever; she said no.  So I told her she could stay at school.  There is less than an hour left now to see if she makes it. (for reference: I do not condone sending sick children to school.  If they are throwing up or running a fever then they should stay home.  I also do not condone keeping a child at home who merely complains of a stomach ache… my 17 year old daughter would still be trying to get through 5th grade.  That being said, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.)  My son, who is 20, is in college.  He is truly enjoying his college experience, even if I am not.  In my mind, he should still be about 14 years old and living at home with me.  I am, however, learning to adjust.  I can walk by his bedroom door without crying now, and I’ve learned to say “Winslow, party of 4” when we are going out to eat.  Actually it is party of 3 most of the time since the 17 year old works now.

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention, that 3 years ago, we moved out to the country… to a 50 acre farm (where I grew up) and we raise emus?!  That meant moving the kids to new schools.  My oldest, Collin, was mid way through his Junior year.  Karsan, the oldest girl, was midway through the 8th grade.  Cassie, the baby, was in 2nd grade.  Now, about those emus… the really big birds.  We started out with about 16 adults and we now have over 1000 with more eggs hatching!  We also have a little dog named Charlie (apparently he is a long-haired Dashund and miniature Schnauzer mix), a Lionhead rabbit named Nalla, 3 cats (at the moment), named Liberty (she rules the farm), Furball, and Caramel.  We are likely to add new animals at any given time.

My husband, Jay, is the one who takes care of all of those emus.  He mans the farm!  He also is our repairman, plumber, yard maintenance man, builder, and super-dad!  Together we have watched a lot of soccer over the years (all 3 kids have played).  Our lives have really revolved around someone playing soccer for the last 16 years.  Collin also played basketball and paintball.  Actually, he is on his college paintball team, so we still go watch that sometimes.  Karsan did competitive cheerleading for 5 years.  Cassie, who attended her first soccer game at the ripe old age of 5 days, plays travel soccer.  She aspires to be great!  We will see.  She actually has a lot of talent and plays with a lot of heart!  She may be famous one day.  Then she can take care of her dad and I because we will be old and worn out!

For now, I will get back to work… I also work outside the home full time.  I’ll be back in my spare time to tell you about how God has blessed me with His Grace and mercy and glittered my life with wonderful people!  Have a blessed day!

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I am a child of God, a farmer's wife and mama to 4! We raise emu's on my family farm in North Carolina. I love to talk about my faith, our farm, getting away from our farm occasionally, share recipes, make crafts and watch all of my kids sports! But what I truly love is to encourage others around me to reach their dreams and live a joyful, fulfilled life in Christ and to motivate them to want to spread that same love and encouragement to others!

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