The Most Beautiful People…

You all know the sayings “Beauty comes from the inside” and “the eyes are the window to the soul”.  They are true.  Real beauty starts with our heart and attitude.  A good attitude and a joyful heart will radiate through our eyes, our facial expressions, our actions and our words.   You can’t hide true beauty!

Yeah, we all wake up some morning, just not in a good mood.  We don’t always know why, we just aren’t having a good day.  Usually its satan getting to us through small things.  But we all have those days now and then… even the most “beautiful” souls can have a bad day.  But I have noticed as I have grown in my relationship with Christ, I have learned to spot that “bad day attitude” a little more quickly and I stop and pray.  Just acknowledging it and asking God to help me turn that attitude around gets me turned in the right direction.

When we look at other people, we need to remember, we don’t know what has already happened in their day that may cause them to snap or be rude.  Maybe they started out great and life started getting to them already.  Maybe encouragement from you is just what they need… Grace shown to them when they least expect it.  A simple action or word can completely change someone’s day.  Seeing that joy and beauty shining through can have a profound effect on someone.

We need to learn to “act”, not “react” to people.  Don’t let someone else’s attitude or words or actions affect your actions and attitude.  Give the same response that you would no matter what their actions or words are.  In not allowing them to alter your response, we can show Christ’s joy and beauty to others.

Act with love and show grace.  Use words of encouragement!  They may not know why, but they will know something is different about us.  Our joy cannot be contained and that is beautiful!

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