The “Sweet Spot” of Motherhood

I read an article talking about the “sweet spot” in motherhood today.    They referred to it as the point when your kids are past the diaper stage, needing to have help pottying or getting food, when you don’t have to keep as close an eye on them everywhere, but still small enough to need you near and give hugs and kisses.  You know… between the terrible twos and the terrible teens!  I’m not quite sure I agree.  As a matter of fact, I’m quite certain I don’t.

My oldest, yeah, that was the “sweet spot” with him.  Between the wild toddler and preschool years up until the mid teens (around 15).  He was loving, liked to snuggle (interpreted by our second child as he has no sense of personal space), he was quiet, he loved school and always wanted to do good, he had a great sense of humor which he displayed often around the dinner table.

Now, for our second child, our oldest daughter, hers may have been much younger.  She was such a joyful baby and toddler.  She entertained herself for hours with coloring books and crayons.  She loved to be in the room with me, but was quite content to just sit and color or look at books or play with her dolls.  This lasted until about age 8.

Now, there is the baby.  She is only nine now.  She has had a “teen” attitude since she was three!  She is very self-sufficient and has been for years.  Whatever the older two could do, so could she! She is a very happy girl and loves to “perform”!  She has been making “how-to” videos or documentarys since she was 2!

So, what is my family’s “sweet spot”?  Was it when the older two were younger?  Cassie was still a baby then, so… diapers.  Is it now that she is old enough to be self-sufficient?  Collin is away at school.  Maybe the real “sweet spot” is when we have grandkids!  Honestly, While some stages were more trying than others, there isn’t a stage that I haven’t enjoyed.  I think at each moment, that is the “sweet spot”.  I try to enjoy each stage they are in.  I love each stage and I miss it when it’s gone.  But I am usually enjoying the next one.  While adjusting to Collin being gone, it sure is sweet when he comes home for a visit.  Karsan is almost grown and I thoroughly enjoy time with her as she has turned into such a sweet young lady.  She still seems to enjoy spending time with mama and deddy. Cassie is in the wide open stage and keeps me very busy running her to all of the soccer games and practices that I used to run the others to.  She keeps us entertained and on our toes.

Yeah, I think I’m in the “sweet spot” right now!


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