Let’s Encourage Each Other to get Healthy!

OK, so we’re a little late getting started with our getting healthy challenge.  I ran into a few other “challenges” at work that delayed getting started.  I think things have settled down now and I’m ready to go!  We’ll make this a 60 day challenge now.  If you want to do this with us, just comment below.  We will be here to encourage and motivate each other!  I will be sharing healthier recipes (I say healthier because my recipes are usually more towards comfort food or sweets), ideas for getting moving (if you’re like me, we’ll have to work our way to actual exercise), ways to be healthier all the way around including taking Juice Plus and using all natural skin care and essential oils for our bodies and our homes.  Lots to do here, so lets get started.

We’ll start with a live weigh-in tonight.  It’s bad, so I’ll just get this over with.  But, I am determined, I am going to lose some weight and get healthy again.  I want to feel better.  I have suffered with fibromyalgia for several years now and between that, sitting behind a desk all day and menopause, it has been quite the struggle.  It’s time for a change!  So, let’s do this!  Notice the image says “Do Something Amazing Today”… let’s do something amazing together!

The first thing I will tell you is how much I LOVE my Juice Plus!  I have been taking it for about a year now.  Since then, I have not been sick… not even had my usual allergy problems.  I have given it to my son in college who used to come home sick constantly.  He has not been sick since he started taking it either.  I just recently started taking the JP Omega blend also.  I am looking forward to the positive effects of that.  the next step for me is having the JP Complete shakes at least once a day as a meal replacement and making the Peanut Butter snack balls from the Complete shake mix and cut oats.

I will look forward to seeing you tonight!  Together, let’s get healthy!!

You are amazing!




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