Let’s Get Healthy Summer Challenge

Hey!  We’re getting ready to start a 90 day Summer Challenge to get healthy!  Together, we will lose some unwanted weight, improve our eating habits, get moving, reduce the chemicals we put in and on our bodies and feel better!  We will talk about Juice Plus and the amazing things it can do for your health!  We will share recipes for healthy and sometimes just good eating  (We’ll sneak a few good summer sweet treats in there!)  We will also share essential oil recipes for natural health.  I’ll show you my all-natural skincare line, and we’ll talk about different alternatives to the chemicals we put on our bodies everyday.  We’ll even throw in some ways to relax without having to go to the spa and spend a fortune.  Our mental health is as important as our physical health!!

So, I hope you’ll join us for the fun challenge as we all get healthy together!  We will post more information in the next 2 days!  See you again soon!


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I am a child of God, a farmer's wife and mama to 4! We raise emu's on my family farm in North Carolina. I love to talk about my faith, our farm, getting away from our farm occasionally, share recipes, make crafts and watch all of my kids sports! But what I truly love is to encourage others around me to reach their dreams and live a joyful, fulfilled life in Christ and to motivate them to want to spread that same love and encouragement to others!

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